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If your company relocates employees into and out of greater Chicago, I am an expert resource to help ensure that your relocation efforts are a success. Having served on the Board of Directors of the  Corporate Relocation Counsel of Chicago (CRC) and as a published Relocation Industry author, I offer your program decades of unparalleled relocation-centric experience. I am going to advocate the success of your program by delivering happy transferees, well situated to become productive quickly in their destination location. And I do this by I offering my corporate clients a globally unique business model ,with a suite of services designed to execute program benefits to transferees with excellence, and on a holistic level. 


For buyer transferees, Real Estate Brokerage service is offered with a strategic Destination Services  “twist”. Does your transferee enjoy golf? Let’s look at a golf course. Do their kids plays soccer? A school or park district offering a solid soccer program might prove a bonus. Parks, schools, public transportation... the list goes on. During my interview I will learn what is important to the transferee from a lifestyle perspective, and demonstrate lifestyle options on the preview or house hunting visit in addition to example homes. Because, moving here isn’t just about the job, nor even the “house”... it’s about their LIFE.  


For seller transferees, while I am expert in selling properties in general, I am equally expert when it is time to sell the property that you have taken into Inventory. If your transferee hired someone else as Realtor the first time around and now you are stuck with it, there’s a reason. It was either priced beyond reasonable market scope for product, insufficiently marketed, exhibits critical deficiencies, and /or likely some combination of all three. I am going to give you an honest BMA assessment as well as creative solutions to address any issues that are a road block to sale. Because I employ techniques that are unique and superior to anything else offered in the market, I am going to sell that property for you. I am going to minimize your carrying costs and get that property off of your books as quickly as possible.  And yes, I will cooperate with and welcome working with your third party Relocation Company services supplier. There is a good chance I might be already. It is my pleasure! 


And in the interim period, I have the roof over your employees proverbial head literally covered at every stage of relocation.  Even for the temporary stay period, affording a smooth single point of contact experience. In house, fully furnished, high end condominium rentals are offered in downtown Chicago with a minimum stay of one month. These furnished rentals are offered to our corporate customers and / or their transferees discounted to near cost. The product itself is appropriate for the C-Suite executive while offered at an intern price. Because I enjoy Real Estate transaction commissions on the sale or purchase of property as my primary income source, these furnished rentals are offered to clients as a value add product, a little thank you for choosing me for your Relocation Real Estate needs! Driving down costs to help keep you in budget.  Because I can!


An array of services to address multiple policy benefits, in a manner that brings them together seamlessly for your transferee. Helping Corporations achieve Relocation goals.  It is my mission that your Relocations into and out of Chicago will prove a success. I hope that you will consider me as more then a Realtor working with your transferees. I am your Global Mobility Advocate, and am at your service.

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