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3D Brings Listings to Life



When Marty McFly went "Back to the Future" it was to the year 2015. While the hover board and flying cars imagined in the movie were cool, I could not have imagined the actual technology we enjoy today while sitting in that theater 30 years ago. And this is really neat! It is my pleasure to announce the new 3D Immersive Showcase Tour by Key 2 Chicago! Hosted by an imaging technology company called Matterport, this innovative way to present properties for sale to potential buyers is the most realistic, immersive way to experience a property online.

Potential buyers are invited to literally walk thru a home for sale on the internet, controlling where they explore, when to stop, turn and can open “magic doors”. You have to see this to believe it! It’s amazing! Since I began employing this cutting edge technology to my listings, online views are soaring through the roof on Zillow and! More viewings means a faster sale!

Before investing in the professional 3D camera I use to create the 3D tour, I employed the services of an excellent, but rather expensive video production company to sell my seven figure listings. And indeed it was cutting edge, rarely seen in the market. Always striving to provide exciting and effective home sale methods to my clients, I eagerly commissioned video as a marketing edge to sell higher end properties. And frankly, I could do this for a certain client base because the commission I earn is relative to sale price. A higher commission achieved for a seven figure sale supports the $3,000 expense I would incur to produce a video to help sell the property. What bothered me immensely however, is that I have sellers in all price points and wanted to approach selling every property that I list with equal excellence. Everyone deserves to be treated like the CEO in my book! But if I am selling a $200K condo for example, the reality is that the commission I would earn from the sale is literally less then the video would cost. It simply could not be done. This conundrum used to keep me up at night, but no more! You can imagine my delight when I learned about this new technology! Not only is it a BETTER presentation product then standard video; making the one time up front investment in this equipment has completely equalized my world! Home sale marketing excellence, for all! I sleep like a baby again thanks to the the 3D Immersive Showcase Tour! Worth every penny. Welcome to the future of home marketing, here today at Key 2 Chicago!

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