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Vignette as a Verb in Real Estate


“In the world of interior design, a Vignette is a small, pleasing picture formed by grouping several objects — think of it as a pocket-size table arrangement that tells a story about you and your home.” In my world of Real Estate Brokerage and marketing a property for sale, I credit both the literal, and figurative meanings of this simple phrase as a secret to my success. In fact, I hereby officially change the word Vignette from a noun to a Verb! How do you sell homes, Debbie? “I Vignette." Actually, I Vignette quite a lot. I create a series of brief but wonderful scenes in order to sell my product, a home.

Picture if you will the small corner of a room, arranged with a sofa and side table. It’s a beautiful room, with a clean light industrial vibe and boasting very high ceilings. It is also the first thing a buyer will see when walking in the front door. This is our first impression of the property and opportunity to Vignette. Because all lines are otherwise square, a small, round coffee table is added to fill a blank space and help create visual interest. The table adds a rounded element and lends a touch of metallic sheen to catch the glistening of sunlight coming in through the nearby window. This also introduces another flat surface upon which to Vignette and continue adding curved shapes to soften the otherwise square space. Textured pillows are added to the sofa, in a waved tonal pattern placed to draw the eye upward in the direction of the high ceilings. A vase filled with tall reeds is added as a final touch to achieve this goal, and our corner is transformed from special to spectacular.

Corner by corner; room by room, the Vignette theory is applied on a grander scale until the entire home is a master Vignette scene. A series so to speak of little elements that come together to create the ultimate pleasing picture and space, optimized to draw the attention of a buyer where we want it to be. The home is now ready to be photographed and filmed in 3D to create our media presentation.

Photography is a critical element in a successful listing presentation. In photography, the term Vignette relates to creating an effect that draws the eye to a certain area of the photograph. While I take this in the literal sense, the figurative also applies. Not only do the photographs have to be amazing and command the attention of online readers individually, they also have to be consistent; or in other words form a Vignette, as a group. While demonstrating selling features of the property itself, elements like light and color should reflect a consistent theme and flow. The Vignette group of photographs should also tell a story. While I want to show buyers each room in grand scale, I also want to create more intimate scenes... shot close to invoke what feels like to actually be in the house, sitting in a chair looking out the window for instance. Finally, these elements combine with a story format, targeted listing text to create the final marketing product; a series of well executed, small elements that come together to tell the story we want to tell in order to sell. You may see where I am going with this.... To Vignette as a Verb for success, start small. Focus on the details and build from there. Creating order and beauty in a small corner may be a brief but wonderful scene, while continuing to Vignette with each step grander in scale creates an amazing effect that is in fact long lasting. In terms of Real Estate, that means a property that is positioned strategically to sell in every sense. Vignette success! My 'Vignette” as a Verb' theory is one easy to follow, and can be applied to any goal in life. (Well, on that scale at least I try.) If happiness is the ultimate goal for us all, focusing on the little steps we take along the way becomes our road to achievement. So next time a task seems daunting, I hope you will take it one step at a time, and Vignette.... Like a Verb! Wishing you many small scenes of beauty that come together as one.

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