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Consider Your Home Sold 

There are many steps to ensuring that your home listing results in a successful sale. No two proerties nor how I would approach marketing them are exactly alike! That is why the strategic solutions we employ to sell your home will be customized to fit your specific needs.  That said, there are some unique and effective services I can offer to strategically achieve your goals. Here are some hilights! 

My listings sell faster, and typically for more money then other listings. Why? So much contributes to this success, and it starts with proper presentation of your home. In today’s modern age of media, the Internet has become the resource most utilized by buyers to receive information; and there is certainly a sea of it out there for them. While this is a blessing, it is critical that the media for any product be unique, professional and catch the readers eye.  Selling Real Estate is no exception to this theory, and more. When someone is making what may be the biggest financial investment of their life, the presentation must be stunning. In this I excel.

The media employed to present a property for sale must be absolutely perfect for maximum result. My unique offerings in this department are simply cutting edge. And, effective.

What is Staging?

Staging is a general term for helping make a home look appealing for a sale. Sometimes that means rearranging furniture, adding decorative elements, or removing them. Sometimes nothing needs to be done at all! When I visit your home I will share with you my ideas to "stage" your home and prepare it as optimum for sale. And if your home is empty, I can help it look lived in, because empty homes sell for less money... and we want to get you top dollar! 

Amazing Photography

Amazing photographs are our first opportunity to ensure that the listing for your home stands out from the crowd! We want to grab the attention of the home buyer that is sorting through dozens of listings. More listing views, more showings for us. More showings, faster sale! I am my own photographer using techniques that lend an amazing result. This unique skill is offered to my home selllers exclusively!  

Painting with Light!

The primary exterior photograph your home should stop home buyers dead in their tracks and compel them to open and read our listing. Mine do! We will feature a twilight exterior photograph of your home as our primary listing photograph, and you will love it!   It’s a magnificent effort; and well worth it.  Others try, but fall short. See my exclusive photo light painting technique come to life!

3D Immersive Tour

Taking selling your home to the next dimension..... in 3D!  This amazing, cutting edge technology will delight buyers and create an intrugue in your property! The 3D Showcase Tour will entice buyers with the most realistic, immersive way to experience a property online. It's a game changer! The bar has been raised!

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